Main competition for my application

Almost all of the competition I have found are ahead of where I am currently, but it is interesting trying to find out the features of applications that may fall along the same lines as my project. The success of my project will be in finding features the competitors do not have, or find a niche where I may even be able to use their applications going forward. In any case, here is what I have found so far:

Favorite Recipes (Android Application) – key features: recent, browse, favorite (star favorite recipes), Popular, add recipe.

Recipe Search ( – searches recipes (title, ingredients, directions), categories, bookmark, whats new?, social 250,000+ recipes – get ideas (recent, random, search, use up leftovers – three ingredients, near me, menus), my kitchen, grocery list (definitely closest to my goal)

I feel that BigOven may be the best of these applications. In addition from their mailing list, they have been nominated for one of the best recipe apps of the year. Others included in the link, I will need to investigate as well:

Cook4Lyfe already has some features I am interested in figuring out – I love the idea of cooking with ingredients already in the kitchen. Also cooking for speed – short cooking time for meals. These are things that always plague me. However, Cook4Lyfe is a paid app, I will initially be a free app.

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