Research for Project

This post is to define the research I have done to attempt to get a REST application up and running in a simple way. Node and the other technologies listed have proven to be a little more involved than I first thought, but any web program is going to be difficult to build up simply because of the multitude of ways in which sites can be built. In any case most of the books I have chosen to follow are O’Reilly books, which I have still found to be well constructed resources for my task. In any case, here are the books assisting my case:

Building Node Applications with Mongodb and Backbone: This has been my number one resource as I navigate through building a project with these technologies. It starts with a basic breakdown of each technology, including an extensive group of calls for mongodb in chapter 4. Chapters 5, 6, and 7 are my main focus for getting my project up and online. It starts with a model, moves into a authenticating users, and finally works with a user interface for an application. The authentication chapter is outstanding in that it highlights many security flaws or traps to look out for when creating user accounts, which my application will need.

Developing Backbone.js Applications:  this book has been used to get information on the syntax for each of backbone.js call.

Mongodb the Definitive Guide: I wanted to have a backup book to be able to make calls to mongodb and create my own queries.

Professional Node.js: this book started as my main book, but because it had condensed information on the technologies I wanted to use, I decided to look around and found the O’Reilly book that went more in depth.

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