Node JS and Accessories

I am working through Node JS tutorials and books. I have a lot more to look through but this post should prove an early explanation for my tooling decisions.
First Node JS: I originally chose to use Node because I wanted to streamline the code that I had to learn. I am looking to learn more JavaScript, and node would certainly put me more in the drivers seat of understanding how to code JavaScript. In addition, I am hoping to streamline the passing of data objects. Using the same type of code, should prove to be an easy smooth process of passing objects from a database, through to the front end of a site with JSON objects. So far, my research has been able to support my original thoughts on this.

NPM: The Node Packaging Manager is very impressive. Almost too impressive, being able to search thousands of third party applications is daunting, but powerful. Most of the packages that are in the tutorials I have researched include jade and Express. In addition another tutorial showed how to search for facebook applications – interesting how many fb applications were out in the public domain for NPM. Very powerful, but for the purposes of this project I will most likely be using Express to make creating REST applications with Node easier.

Express: As previously stated, Express makes things easier to get this project into a RESTful state. So I will most likely be using this package to simplify this part of the process.

Database access with Node: So far I am choosing Mongo DB, because it looks to be easy to implement, but I still have some more research to put forth with this project. I would like to compare the simplicity of Couch DB to Mongo, but I am interested at the moment for using one of those two.

Service Provider: I have found a few tutorials talking about Heroku Cloud Services, but in the lead at the moment is Nodejitsu. Mostly because I have had prior fellow employees suggest that provider, but I still need to find out which provider may be best for my needs with this project.

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