Monthly Archives: February 2013

About Recipe Finder

My final project for my masters degree at Villanova University will be on a recipe finder. Why? Because I have had a lot of applications to find recipes on my phone, but none of them gave me the full range of flexibility that I need. In addition, I feel with the advent of Pintrest, people are sharing recipes more than ever. I love going to Pintrest and seeing all of the dishes, visuals are really enticing. So I believe there is a lot of social aspect that can be capitalized on this idea. In addition, I was given a series of recipes before my Mom passed away in 2008, and I would like to digitize them and share them. So those are the main reasons I am looking to create this application.

Since taking on this project, I have focused my research into 3 parts. 1) competition, I want to be able to keep on top of what the major players are doing in the industry. I want to copy what is good, and improve on the User Interface where I see fit. I believe User Interface is a cornerstone to a great application, and I will have several posts on this blog surrounding this idea. I want to explore User Interface with a microscope and a telescope to get a full idea of what users of my product really want. 2) Responsive Web Design. It is still the new hotness. Every company is making RWD a major priority. With the clean slate of this project I believe I can explore the roads of those who have come before me. I have done a lot of research on RWD and intend to implement several facets of it. This too will be explored on this blog. 3) Process and tooling – currently I am investigating many avenues for tooling – mongodb vs. traditional mySQL db, nodejs vs. php, moustache vs. ejb. These are the tools I have started exploring and will be making decisions on what paths my project will take. This is the early decision making processes that must be addressed. Later on the decisions will be focused on which features to attack and include for my May deadline. In any case I hope you enjoy my project and join in on the discussion surrounding my decisions and challenges.

Oh also, recipe finder is an early name for the project, and that is up for discussion and adjustment as well.